Know where the assets are......

When you're working on a criminal case, it's vital that you're able to follow money trails.


Doing so allows you to see new openings into the case, and can help you get the evidence you need to win. Asset tracing is often easier said than done. If you're working with a sophisticated criminal, they know that you're going to follow their money trail long before you begin to investigate them. They likely have solutions in place to keep you from finding their assets.

That's where our investigation services can help.

We're experts at asset tracing, and we do what it takes to follow the money to help you get to the bottom of a crime. Whether that means following deposits and withdrawals, tracking a vehicle, or pulling old tax returns, we're able to do the work necessary to help you build your case.

Asset tracing is particularly important if you're building a case against a public entity, such as a politician. Often, people who are high up in politics and business have the ability to find high-powered lawyers who can sweep some of their assets under the rug. In order to win against powerful people, it's key to have a powerful investigation team on your side.

Whether you need a team to follow money trails, track a vehicle, or engage in other means of fraud investigation, we're here to help. Our decades of experience and dedicated team make us the right choice when you need an investigation done right. Reach out to us at MAI Associates Limited today to learn more about how we can help you move your investigation forward.