Reduce insurance fraud, protect your customers.

If you think you may have been the victim of fraud, it can be an uncertain and scary time. You may struggle with knowing who you can trust.


At MAI Associates Limited, we're here to help you with our fraud investigation services. We investigate many types of fraud, including insurance, healthcare, employee, mortgage, and internet fraud. Let's take a look at how our services can help people who have been affected by insurance fraud.

Often, people try to boost their insurance claims by claiming damage or issues that did not actually occur. If you own an insurance business, you know how badly this type of fraud can hurt your bottom line. Our fraud investigation and evidence gathering team can help you get to the bottom line. We'll do the dirty work of investigating the claim.


We're a discreet organization, and we know how to get the information you need without tipping people off to cover up their actions. We'll do the evidence gathering that will let you know whether it's time to move forward with a fraud investigation against an individual.

As an insurer, you work hard to keep your customers safe. Insurance fraud doesn't just hurt your company - it hurts the honest people you insure as well. When fraud goes unmanaged, rates increase for everyone. This hurts and affects all of your customers, and can eventually lead to fewer new and retained customers for your business.


If you suspect that your business may be dealing with insurance fraud, it's essential that you reach out to a professional fraud investigation service as soon as possible. Call MAI Associates Limited to learn how we can help.