Know your workplace, know your workers.

If you're in charge of a corporate investigation, it can be hard to know whether you should tell your employees about what's going on behind the scene.


While it may be tempting to tell others about workplace investigations, in most situations, it's important to stay quiet.

The person (or people) filing the complaint need to know that they're able to talk with you and you'll keep their complaint confidential. While the person who is accused likely knows who the accuser is, there's no reason for others to know. Human resources and upper management may need to know details, but be careful not to gossip with anyone who isn't in the loop.

The people who are involved in the investigation may not be required to keep confidentiality, so word may get around the workplace. It's essential that this word doesn't come from you - especially if you're a supervisor. You want your other employees to know that they can come to you confidentially when they have a problem, without worrying that you'll talk about the issue with other employees.

Working with an outside company can help your corporate investigation to go smoothly, and can provide you with the counsel you need in order to know what you can and cannot say. At MAI Associates Limited, we're here to help you with your workplace investigations, and we'll work with your legal team as well. Reach out to us today to learn more about our investigation services.